Thursday, October 30, 2008

Open letter to the GOP.

I know of many different versions of these so-called open letters, but despite their common use, I still see them as a powerful way to make a point.

Dear Republicans,

I'm writing you in order to ask important questions pertaining to the current elections. Before I start, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Jim, age 24, a photographer, a hard working retail inventory person, patriotic American, troop-supporter, artist, son of a loving mother, fiscally conservative, atheist. Yes, I'm an atheist.

May I ask, does the word "atheist" make you cringe? Does the thought of a person rejecting religion for the sake of realistic explanation of our world appall you? I hope not. I'm just an average, lower middle-class, hard working American. I donate to charity (even Church charity), I volunteer for common causes, and I work hard to help my fellow countrymen and countrywomen. I feel that your malignment is a strong misaccusation that is forcing many non-religious people to wonder if our rights might be threatened by those who wrongly malign us. I fear for my rights as an American under a non-secular government.

Why is Kay Hagan being slandered by the Dole campaign?

Why is any relationship or political partnership with non-religious people even considered wrong?

Why are perfectly good fiscal rebuttals to liberal positions on gay rights, environment, and freewill stomped by religious empirically unsupported rhetoric?

Why is a party celebrated for small government policy trying to find ways to govern and micromanage the social structure of American life?

Why is a party that is supposed to be against high government spending responsible for one of the largest national debts in American history?

I would die for our Constitutional rights, and I support the causes of a free Democracy. Any atheist that lives in this country would more than likely tell you the same. Atheists can be Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists, and all things in between; even Republicans. My point is that we're all Americans, and we can all be labeled different things and still act as a civilized and unified nation.

Why are you doing so much to spread the divide?

Your concerned-for-his-own-rights friend,


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