Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Being Atheist is not an -ism.

My viewpoint as an atheist is a rare one, but I find myself even more lonely when it comes to how I describe my lack of belief. Sometimes people ask me what I believe in, and I state that I'm non-religious or atheist, though I never say that my religious belief is "atheism".

Many atheists seem to describe themselves on singles sites as atheists, but the website authors seem to refuse to put the word "atheist" or "non-religious" as an option; instead, we're given "atheism".

The "-ism" at the end of this word implies that it is a structured format. Being atheist should assume no belief structure in the same way that religion does. An atheist can claim a belief structure outside of religion, but an atheist is simply a non-believer. I know many atheists feel the same way I do about the subject and have probably written about it, but it bugs me that people still acknowledge the word 'atheism'. I think the word should be dropped completely, as it simply gives ammunition to the religious, and completely misrepresents what the definition of atheist truly is.

May it also be known that the phrase "believing in evolution" is just as detrimental, as it brings science and religion into the same arena. Science and religion shouldn't even exist as comparable material, and as long as anyone uses the "believing in evolution" phrase, we take more steps back than we take forward.

I'm not lecturing, but the best way to present your side in any debate is to keep from misrepresenting your views, so that they may not be misinterpreted.

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