Friday, August 15, 2008

Atheistic Amputees are Rare

Its true. I haven't met many of them, and if I did, I didn't know. Most amputees that I've met are actually more "faithful" than many of our so-called normal counterparts, and are also amputees that are not congenital. Almost all of them are first to claim that they've "found God" or "became closer to the Lord" because of their amputation.

How they deal with it is up to them, but I'm not sure that I can relate. I must apply my own experience in the matter to this situation. I was raised as a Lutheran, and while I was once mildly religious, I was never fully caught up in church activities. The church I attended was lots of fun, and was filled with many great people. The problems really started to come about when people tried to justify my lack of a limb. Some viewed it as a "gift from God" that made me special. I hated that suggestion, as it made me feel abnormal. Another justification made by people at the church was that actions occurred that "God wasn't paying attention to", and that I could be "healed".


This severe contradiction left me baffled and I felt lied to. Everyone seemed to have an answer when I really didn't need one. Grin and bear it.

So I'll end on this question: are there any other atheist amputees out there? Let me know!


-shel- said...

i'm not an amputee but i do have a T-12 SCI and I had large portions of each femur, and my pelvic bone removed due to a chronic condition... i've been hospitalized repeatedly and extensively - each time i end up collecting more bibles from people who seem to think Jesus will 'heal' me... tons of bibles and prayers by the 'faithful' although i have yet to regenerate any bone.

atheistamputee said...


I hear you. When I was a very young child, my mother would get offers from cooky preachers who claimed that I could be healed. She refused to accept that anything was wrong with me.

Its sad that people give you bibles instead of actual help. What about donations for medical bills? What about a hand to hold and an ear to listen when you you need it? I almost never see that from the "truly" religious. The idea of a god becomes a pawn for their problems, and even worse, yours.

I wish you the best in overcoming your condition. If I were there, I'd do the best I could to help you, but I feel terrible because all I can do is hope, and thats no more than the religious can do for you.

All the best,

-shel- said...

a sincere hope is better than the false hope of faith. :)